Some days I rally miss Big Baby Jesus.

My view from the runway this morning. Washington Monument

Tom yum goong from the other day.

Old Bay Donut Chicken Breast Sandwich with buffalo sriacha. S/o @AstroDonuts

#Diplimatico #Ron #rhum #rum #reserva

Had a good laugh today with @jsullivanmisic today on @frankskishow.

Whenever you finished plotting and scheming or whatever you doin/ wait for me I be in the bathroom Boo Boo’n

I’ll be sittin the front if the ride,
Drinkin and smokin some…..

The Greatest Thing Ever Though!

My mans @theRealJoeThomas stopped by @frankskishow and @moivoryshow got all in his business for the sisters!

Round 3 though! #imSorryBaby #takeYoBlackAssHome (at Stans)

@AppletonRum. Good evening. (at Stans)


Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.