Found this from last night. Greatest selfie ever!

You don’t know Aarp! (at The Howard Theatre)

The homie @Common stopped by today @frankskishow to talk about his new album, what he likes in a woman and what it’s like being a 40 y/o rapper. Hit the jump and check us out. (at WHUR-FM)

Quijibo that thang!



who is kendall jenner

its a tablet from amazon

^^ Send flowers. I’m dead.






so these two Jamaican women on facebook are beefing…

im still weak

Always crying at this.

Hmm. She was mad about something.

I’m proud that i understood at least 50% of it. more than usual


white man’s race-play fantasy goes awry 

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Happy Friday Everybody. @readycinematic @eddiecomedian @hughaugustinemc @karlousm @mrmanz @sirius_business @chrisclarke133 @brokenequipment @mscontroversyxo @ronniejordan @jayphillipslive @therealjaymac @kiwayli @stephlova100 @glassesloc @parrisjewel @tuluvmariaprice @grind_stone @pluggedin4life @yaboypstew (at Ben’s Chili Bowl)

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