I stole this from @eddiecomedian TL. I love this place soooooo much. I owe it a lot. Thanks God. #HomecomingWasTurnt! (at Morgan State University)

Join me for the best date night in the DMV!
$20/$20/$20/$20/$20/$20/$20 ********FREE PARKING***********
This month we celebrate the return of a legend to the DMV. @TeddyCarpenter will be in the building Sat. Nov. 1st, for two big shows!
7pm & 10 pm .
@queenaisha and @mikebrooks round out a stellar line up for a night of great food and drink and phenomenal comedy! Www.BethesdaBluesJazz.com

A lil something before my shift. (at WHUR-FM)

These them chem-trails @Prince was talkin about. He got me thinkin this mornin. “Mommy why does everybody have a bomb?”!!! (at Sursum Corda Cooperative)

Makes my sac tingle!

Tonight Bmore. Go online for tix and use promo code: Morgan and save $10. This gonna be epic!

@Letoya_Luckett hooked up my pocket square for me cause I had it lookin all Fd up! (at WHUR)

Come drink, eat and enjoy some world class sh*t talkin. Go online and use promo code: Morgan for $10 off. Tomorrow night. Baltimore Comedy Factory,

Innanet don’t got no chill!


The police union held a press conference today to release information about the killing of VonDerrit Myers, whom they described as “no angel.”

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Tuesday, October 14th



Dr. Kent Brantly, White American.

Nancy Writebol, White American. 

Ashoka Mukpo, White American.

Teresa Romero, White Spaniard. 

The French Nurse whose identity has been kept confidential, White French Woman.

Will Pooley, White Englishman. 

Dr. Rick Sacra, White American. 

All of these individuals were treated with Zmapp in the early stages of their infections, all of these individuals are “White” and alive and well. 


when life tries to back you into a corner, give it the ali shake


when life tries to back you into a corner, give it the ali shake