Weather your a believer or not make sure you take some time to resurrect your own inner Christ and Christ consciousness today. Happy Easter everybody.

Escovitch Snapper/Shrimp/rice&peas/cabbage/ string beans #yeahmon

Real reality (at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport)

How can we all sit suspended in space, just spinnin in place, and ain’t extending no faith?! #BradThatNigga (at Backindaday)

If you a first class kinda individual you ain’t got no problem chillin in coach. (at Real Reality)

For you there might be a brighter star/ but through my eyes the light of you is all I see. ——let’s not forget he’s blind. (at Steveland)

My blood is cold and I can’t feel my legs / need someone to hold me bring me back to life before I’m dead

Elevate your perspective and elevate your life. (at Ouchea)

@peninabrown you so late! I’m at the airport getting centered and decompressing in order to be a most fruitful and giving husband and father this weekend. I stick my tongue out at you! LOL. #AtOneWithTheUniverse (at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

@theRealTank though! He stopped by @FrankSkiShow before his sold-out show tonight @HowardTheatre. #DMVDoItToDeath #LookinYoungerThanTheLastTimeISeenHim # (at WHUR-FM)


Watch Complex’s Feature “When Nas Met Faith,” Parts 1-5

Complex Magazine celebrates 20 years of Illmatic by reuniting Nas and “Illmatic” A&R Faith Newman, who signed the teenage emcee to his first record deal with Columbia Records in a five part discussion series.

Complex Magazine celebrates the 20th anniversary of Nas’ Illmatic with a special conversation between Nas and his former A&R Faith Newman. In a the first of a five part series, the two discuss their history together beginning with their first meeting. Newman shares her point of view on why she thought the teenage emcee was so special and how she fought for proper treatment and care for him as an artist with the label. Nas explains how he witnessed the transition from Columbia Records to Sony Music Group and was in essence apart of beginning their first venture into Hip Hop. The two discuss conflict with the label and their apprehensive attitude with his place with there, his personal selection and desire to choose the best producers for the album, and more. Nas and Newman continue to reveal details about the signing process, the early stages of his career, the details behind the track “Genesis,” and the beginning of Nas’ debut album, Illmatic.

Watch More

On @frankskishow we talk about the rash of celeb mugshots this week. Tune in @WHURFM

S/O @eddiecomedian my neegah got the first ever strawberry lemonade air freshener. #pause or nah? (at The White House)

We played Prince’s if “I was your girlfriend’ and I had to try to karaoke the talkin part at the end. I suck I know but it’s still worth a giggle or two. (at Howard University)

The one and only @PhilPerry came by the @frankskishow today and schooled us all on relationships and compromise! He has a new project out and is making a comeback from a near death experience he had on stage last year. #BlackMusicForever (at WHUR-FM)