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Join me tonight for the best thing smokin! We get it in every week and tonight DMV’s own @ComedianPierre is gonna rock y’all socks! @eddiecomedian @MarioTory will also be blasting off tonight so come on out! GOOD FOOD/ GOOD DRINKS AND TONS OF LAUGHS. ( The game will be on 17 flat screens) (at STONEFISH LOUNGE)

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This my dude though. Ay, Huey they know like I know hughaugustinethemc

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Fresh off the plane riding through Baltimore. It’s soooo real over here! Westside! #scrappletime #MondawminMall #DruidHillPark #theWire (at Edmondson Avenue)

The cake though! (at the party)

This is what I found when I checked into my room here in Rochester.Too bad all promoters ain’t like this. #realcomicshit #AppletonRum #TheyDoinTheMost #WhoWantSomeWings (at my room)

S/O to @carmelcity Keith and Ronnie D at Visions barbershop. Gotta make the rounds! (at Visions Barbershop)

S/O to the staff @ArnettCafe I’m sleepy as hell right now.